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3UP 3DOWN® Card Game

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A fast-paced discard game with a surprising finish!

Shed your cards. Triumph over last-minute surprises.

Be the first one to get rid of all your cards to win it all—but not so fast! 3 of your cards aren’t revealed until the very end. Will you still be able to come out on top?

You will need: Some subtle strategy and a little bit of luck.

Recommended Ages

While we technically recommend it for ages 7+, if you can count to 10, you can learn how to play (and win!)

Number of Players

2-6 players/deck
To play with more than 6 players, just add another deck!


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How to Play

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it fun for adults and kids?

Yes! We have sold more than 150,000 decks worldwide and our customers consistently say things like, "We played this with our whole family - with ages ranging from 7 to 80 - and everyone loved it!"

And, since there are elements of simple strategy and luck, all players have a chance to win. You'll play this game over and over.

Is it difficult to learn?

We think that our 3-minute demo video and our "watch it played" video help make this game easy to learn.

If you ever have questions as you play, please send us a text message (801-770-3377).

What cards can you play on an empty deck?

Any card! If the deck has been cleared - or if another player had to pick up the discarded cards - the next player can play whatever card (or cards, if playing multiples) that they'd like!

What if a "10" in the discard pile and my highest card is a "9"?

Well, if you don't have any "Clear" cards then you have to pick up the discard pile. Sorry!

"We literally play every single night.

"The last 3 cards are what truly make this game amazing. Love it!”

-One of our many happy customers