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A dynamic, math-based matching game with an explosive twist!

Spark a love for learning in your elementary school-aged student (and even in the teenagers and adults!). Players "ignite" matches using math operations as they race against the timer and their competition. Watch out for explosions, though! A single dynamite card by your opponent could give them the victory. Who will survive the aftermath?

You will need: An appetite for fiery combinations and explosions.

It's like 3 games in 1

Memory + Matching + Math
Build three important skills at the same time!




Customer Reviews

  • Kiddo played this at camp - loved it enough we bought a copy. 10-15 min to play, and you get to yell “boom goes the dynamite” if you are lucky enough to get that card

    Cathy Verified Purchase
  • My 9 year old hates math. We played this game and I gave her multiple options for us to stop playing. She wanted to keep going. And she started picking up how to solve problems faster than she normally does

    Patrick Verified Purchase
  • My family loves this game! I've got 3 teenagers so the fact that this is based on the memory matching games we played with them when they were kids makes it especially fun. Would be great for younger kids learning math as well. Super fast to learn and once you start playing it's hard to stop.

    Jay Verified Purchase
  • Wow, my family really likes this game! It is challenging and fun. The 8 year old, who is math shy, makes matches faster than the adults. At first we played cooperatively, but he really didn’t need our help. It’s fast paced fun and reinforces math concepts in a really fun way.

    Jessica Verified Purchase


You've got questions, we've got answers.

Is this game easy to learn?

Yes! Check out our demo and play through videos to quickly learn how to play. If you have questions about game play, send us a message.

What if I'm not a serious gamer?

That's okay! Our games contain subtle strategy and a little bit of luck, which makes them perfect for a casual night with friends and family. And if you are really into games, you'll love the classic feel to our titles - fast-paced with quick rounds that allow for happy conversations and spark lots of laughter!

When will my order arrive?

We ship order on a daily basis from our Utah facility. We're a family-owned company, and we package your game with love.

We generally use USPS to ship our games, which means that you should receive your items on average within three or four days.

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Watch our demo and play through videos to quickly learn the rules.