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  • Watch our 3-minute demo video to learn how to play
  • A dynamic matching game with an explosive twist
  • 6,000+ decks purchased by elementary schools nationwide
  • The mission is to find and ignite matches using math, your memory, and a little bit of luck
  • The twist is that the cards in the matchbox are constantly changing, and sometimes everything explodes
  • 3 minutes to learn; 15 minutes to play; ages 7 and up; 2-6 players per deck (note: for fun with more players, just add another deck)
  • 4.6 stars on 220+ ratings
  • 2019 Mensa Mind Games Competitor
  • Easy-to-learn and quick-to-play; the perfect gift and a great stocking stuffer; much better than math flash cards; fun for the whole family