MIXED DOUBLES® dice game

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Just like thick globs of paint are stirred together in an artist’s palette as they create a masterpiece, the colors on our beautifully designed, eight-sided dice are mixed to create winning combinations of colorful fun.

The linen feel and finish of our premium cards, the crisp, snapping sound as you shuffle the deck, and the risk-it-all wagering element of the gameplay will make you feel like a professional player under the bright lights of Vegas. Can you get on a hot streak and win turn after turn, wager after wager?

The perfect mix of risk-taking, strategy, and luck, MIXED DOUBLES is what every dice game wishes it could be. Recommended for ages 6 and over and loved by kids, teens, and adults around the world. You can play with 2-6 players per deck; so, for larger groups, just add another deck!